Learninghope.org is a resource for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It is a resource for secondary survivors, allies, friends, relatives, and partners of survivors.  It is for pastors, spiritual leaders and members of a congregation after abuse has occurred.  It is for corporations, small businesses and volunteer organizations to help survivors in their midst heal and be more productive and more healthy people. It is for everyone who ever wondered, “Is it my fault?” and “Am I the only one?”

There are so many survivors of abuse. Some were abused by a relative, a friend, a stranger, or a pastor or priest. There are so few resources that deal with healing and hoping after abuse has happened.

It may feel like there will always be pain and loss, but we want to teach you how to learn hope and move through the hurt.

Childhood sexual abuse can be prevented.  It takes work and education, but children can be protected.

Any time you are in a room with more than three people, statistically, there is a survivor of sexual abuse in the room. It is pervasive and epidemic. But it can be stopped. Hope and healing are possible.

Jackie and Jennifer are experts in the impact of childhood sexual abuse and the dynamics that allow it to occur. They are also motivational speakers who help people heal.

Please also consider telling your story on our story wall. You can state your name, or be anonymous. This is an emotionally safe place to share your story.  Jennifer and Jackie monitor all comments before they are posted to the story wall.  Offensive and hurtful comments have no place here, and will be immediately removed and the author of the comment will be banned.

We offer workshops on abuse prevention and for survivors and secondary survivors. Each workshop is tailored to fit your particular needs and be with you in the liminal space of learning hope. We also write a blog to address the many issues survivors encounter and share healing insights. After sexual abuse, there is hope. You may just have to learn it.

We as survivors, and secondary survivors, have the power to lift each other up.  The more people speak up, the more people can heal and some day, childhood sexual abuse will be rare.

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LearningHope.org is staffed strictly by volunteers, and is not able to provide legal advice or counseling services. We support the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). It is a free and confidential service that can provide crisis support as well as help you find help in your local area. We cannot guarantee or be involved in any service you may receive there. We wish you well on your journey to healing. It is not your fault and you are not alone.

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  1. Stopped in to check/update links on the site and make sure they all still connect. Thank you for all the work you do out here to help others.

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