Safe Sanctuary

Safe Sanctuary

It’s called Safe Sanctuary Training.

And why am I being required to take it?

Because you’re a Sunday School teacher.  Everyone who spends time with kids in the church has to take it.

So, I guess the janitor will be joining us soon.

I saw him talking to a boy in the hallway last week.

No, just Sunday School teachers.

Rule number one, there must always be at least two adults present when children are in the building.

Are you fucking kidding me?  He once raped me during choir practice.

He raped me at a youth retreat

when there were adults crawling around the entire camp.

Your rules

didn’t keep me safe.

The childless farmer down the road that I spent hours and hours with

was safe.

He actually cared about me.

He taught me how to care for animals.

Picked me up every Sunday in his rickety truck,

his 25 year old horse Princess on board

and took me to 4-H, so I could learn showmanship

and character

and tenderness.

Mr. H, the English teacher, and 4-H leader

with his fancy RV

parked at the county fair all week,

who tried to pick me up one night while I cleaned my horse’s stall.

He was not.

Safe Sanctuary my ass.



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