Things We Haven’t Said

  I am honored to have contributed a writing to this brave anthology of poems, essays and articles written by survivors – Things We Haven’t Said.  Like all the other authors in the book, I hope what I have written will reach someone who needs it, and help protect our children.

For as long as I can remember, our collective silence has protected abusers and put children at risk.  The stories in this book protect children and put abusers at risk.  Abusers have relied forever on our innocence, our trustfulness, our fear, and most of all our silence in order to abuse our children right under our noses, in our own homes, churches and schools.

I feel I am living in an historic time…a tipping point, when power and privilege are being dismantled and where the secrets of how the powerful have abused the vulnerable are being exposed.

This week, I was invited to speak to a mom’s group that wanted to learn more about protecting children from sexual abuse.  Nearly 20 women shared ideas, stories and strategies for over an hour.  It was truly an amazing experience, and one I can’t imagine happening just 10 years ago.

Survivors are speaking and society is listening, understanding, and taking action.  And it’s just the beginning!

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