Abuse Myths and Facts

This is a beginning list of myths and facts. What others would you add? Please email us other facts you think we should discuss here. Jackie@learninghope.org or Jennifer@learninghope.org

Myth: Women who get raped are wearing flirtatious or revealing clothing.

Fact: A woman should be allowed to wear whatever she likes and never be raped.

Myth: She was asking for it. She deserved it.

Fact: No one ever asks or deserves to be raped.

Myth: If a man buys a woman dinner, he should expect sex in return.

Fact: No amount of money spent on another person implies that the reciprocating payment is sex.

Myth: Sex with children is a lesson for them. It teaches them to be a “real” man or woman.

Fact: Sex with children is never okay. It teaches them to have low self-esteem and very often not to value themselves at all. It causes anxiety, depression, PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism, sex addiction, and often causes a reckless perception about how to live.

Myth: Only women are raped.

Fact: Men are raped as well. One in six men has suffered sexual abuse or rape.

Myth: A real man would stop someone from raping him. Fact: Being raped, whether as a male or female, does not make one less of a man or a woman.

Myth: It happened in the past. Just forget about it.

Fact: Just forgetting about it hardly ever happens, and usually does not happen successfully. In order to move through trauma and pain, one must deal with it. It can be a life-long process. Silence only helps the abuser.

Myth: Child sexual abuse is rare.

Fact: The statistics are one in three or four women and one in six men are sexually abused by the time they are 18. This is a very underreported crime. The numbers are probably much higher.

Myth: Children fantasize about sex and make up stories of sexual abuse.

Fact: Very few children make up stories of sexual abuse. If a child discloses to you, it may be the only time they ever tell. If you don’t listen, no one else may ever have the opportunity to hear.

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