Signs of Hope

This page is a place for hope.  It is a place for survivors to find reassuring words to print and read as they need until every survivor everywhere knows it is the abuse is not his or her fault and she and he are not alone.  Please share this page with your friends, with anyone you know who needs to hear this message.  Print off the picture, read it every day until it is ingrained in your being.  The thumbnails do not always show the full picture.  Click on the picture itself and it will bring up the full sized picture.

Afrikaans      You are not alone - Afrikaans

Bulgarian       It is not your fault Bulgarian


It is not your fault pic 1

You are not alone pic 1

 FrenchIt is not your fault French

You are not alone. French, male

You are not alone French female


It is not your fault Gaelic

Hebrew  It is not your fault HebrewYou are not alone Hebrew revised

Hindi and Urdu

It is not your fault Hindi

You are not alone Hindi


It is not your fault Icelandic

You are not alone Icelandic male

You are not alone Icelandic female

Italian It is not your fault ItalianYou are not alone Italian Revised



It is not your fault Spanish

You are not alone. Spanish


Not your Fault Vietnamese

Not alone Vietnamese

A South African Greeting

I see you I am hear South African greeting

“sawa bona”, a South African greeting which means: “i see you.” the response is “sikhona” which means: “i am here”. This exchange is so beautiful in that it says ‘until you ‘see’ me, i do not exist; and when you ‘see’ me, you bring me into existence.

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